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Your pet will feel good, look good, smell good and look forward to their next visit!

At Paws on Fifth we do EVERYTHING by hand. We de-mat, wash, dry, de-shed and style your pet by hand. With every grooming your pet will receive "the works". We use special all-natural, hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners specific to your pets needs so your pet will receive a personalized grooming. (i.e. skin issues, color, shedding, undercoat etc.). We take pride in our work and we are passionate about what we do and believe your pet should look forward to their grooming. We listen and are very sensitive to your pet's specific needs. We service a lot of senior pets and pets with special needs and we adjust our grooming accordingly to always ensure your pet is comfortable throughout the entire grooming process. We check every animal that gets groomed for fleas and ticks and remove them (there is no charge for removing ticks). We groom Dogs, Cats and Puppies (with all their shots).
The cost of grooming depends on the species, breed, size, the condition of the coat and how much work is involved. (Prices for "Bath Only" grooming is always lower than a "Full Grooming" for the same dog, and includes everything a full grooming does minus the haircut).
We also offer Medicated baths, Flea & Tick Soak and De-Skunking treatments for an extra charge.


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