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Every Dog or Puppy that comes in for a "Full Grooming" or "Just a bath" will receive the following:

• Cleaning the ears with an all natural ear cleaner to gently remove dirt and excess ear wax.

• Shave the pads on the feet to keep them clean.

• Sanitary shave (if necessary) to keep the privates clean when your pet goes potty.

• Express anal glands.

• Clip and File the nails.

• Pre-bath brush out (and dematting if necessary)

• Check for fleas, ticks, infections, lumps, bumps, hot spots, skin lesions, and any abnormalities from nose to tail that may need medical attention.

• Bathe your pet with a top quality all natural hypoallergenic shampoo that will gently clean the skin and coat without stripping away the natural body oils. This will re-moisturize and condition the skin and coat.

• Apply an all natural remoisturizer/conditioner after your dog is bathed leaving the skin moisturized and the coat feeling nice and soft.

• Dry your doggie. For dogs that will tolerate it, we use a high velocity hand dryer to remove excess hair/undercoat and dry the coat.

• Thorough brushing combing and trimming (if necessary), or haircut (Full Grooming ONLY)

• Finish with a Luxury Salon Scent and a colorful bow or bandana.

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